Unleash the Potential of Your Platform with Free Multichain Wallets

Provide your users seamless access to blockchain functionality across multiple networks without the hassle, all at no cost to you or them.

Instant Wallet Provisioning for Every User

Automatically generate wallets on all supported blockchains upon user account creation, simplifying digital asset management.

Simplify Gas Payments

Allow users to pay transaction fees with ERC-20 tokens, thanks to account abstraction, enhancing the payment flexibility on your platform.

Effortless User Onboarding

Easily create user wallets using just an email, significantly reducing friction and improving conversion rates.

Custodial Ease with Self-Custody

Offer users the simplicity of a custodial wallet with the security of self-custody, no blockchain expertise required.

Transform Your Platform with Our Wallets

Discover why our multichain wallets are the ideal choice for merchants, gaming platforms, and applications seeking to innovate and grow.

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Unified User Experiences Across Ecosystems

Leverage shared wallets to offer consistent and uninterrupted experiences, keeping users engaged across multiple platforms.

Streamlined Security, Simplified Recovery

Integrate OIDC or Email OTP for user login and provide an SMS-based recovery flow, balancing user-friendly access with high security.

Unlock the Power of Web3 with a Single API

Seamlessly integrate the entire web3 ecosystem into your business, without the complexity of managing nodes or indexers.

Effortless Web3 Integration

Connect to the web3 world with ease, saving time and resources.

One API, Unlimited Possibilities

Access every blockchain network with a single call, eliminating the need to switch between networks.

Simplify Your Wallet Operations

Create and manage wallets with just an email, enhancing user experience and security.

Revolutionize Login with OIDC Integration

Offer users a seamless login experience by pairing directly with our OpenID Connect (OIDC) capabilities.

Why us?

Time and Cost Efficiency, Network Coverage, Security and Reliability

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Dynamic Wallet Solutions

Effortlessly manage user wallets across blockchains, fostering a new level of engagement and convenience.

Seamless User Information Lookup

Utilize simple email lookups to enhance development efficiency and user experience, making every interaction smoother.